It began as a Depression-era, winner-take-all challenge between two Chicago stockbrokers, one of them a flamboyant daredevil with more guts than money and the other with more money than sense. It erupted into a national news story, one never told in its entirety—until King of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938.  In September 1938, thirty-two-year-old J. Smith Ferebee agreed to play 600 holes of golf in eight cities, from Los Angeles to New York, over four consecutive days. The ordeal meant playing more than thirty-three rounds in just ninety-six hours.

The stakes: Ferebee’s friend and former business partner Fred Tuerk agreed that if Ferebee succeeded, he would pay on Ferebee’s behalf a $20,000 mortgage on 296 acres of waterfront Virginia land. If Ferebee lost, he would surrender to Tuerk his ownership stake in the property. Brokers on LaSalle Street in Chicago piled up bets. Before long, the marathon was estimated to be worth $100,000, or well more than $1 million today. Playing despite a severe leg injury, Ferebee faced one obstacle after another, including a gambler’s brazen sabotage attempt in Philadelphia. He started the morning rounds before dawn and ended the afternoon rounds in darkness, with lighting provided by spectators’ cars, local fire departments, or flares. Remarkably, Ferebee never lost a ball.

Combining the appeal of Seabiscuit and The Greatest Game Ever Played, King of Clubs will amaze and entertain readers from opening drive to final putt.

Author: Jim Ducibella

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Bridge the Gap Between Practice and Play!  This book is widely known as the resource for transferring your game to the golf course.  If you want to take your game to the course you must first bring the course to practice.  Author and nationally recognized coach, Trent Wearner, shows you how.  Its 230 pages consist of nearly 100 games that help golfers practice the types of shots encountered on the course while at the same time under the same pressure that is felt on the course. Many of the games have two or three versions giving the book approximately 200 games in total. With this many competitive practice games you’re sure to find plenty of new ones along with some familiar ones that have an added twist.

 Pressure, consequences, having only one try, and being overly mechanical are just a few words that golfers of all ability levels describe they sense while on the course.  If you don't bring those aspects to your practiice, you'll never improve your on-course play and you'll certainly never reach your potential. 

A description of every game in the book along with its rules and variations are clearly laid out. Additionally, a color photo complements almost every game in the book. The chapters preceding the games discuss the importance of proper practice, adding pressure, how to turn the practice facility into the golf course and how athletes in other sports prepare, by scrimmaging.

Author: Trent Wearner

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Thy Club and Thy Staff tees up twenty-one devotions bringing together the basics of good golf and the fundamentals of strong faith. These insightful reflections give readers guidance for honing their skills on the course and on their walk of faith. Meredith Wright Kirk brings passion for God and a lifelong love for golf to these approachable and inspiring meditations.

Even the most seasoned golf professional knows how the mechanics of one’s swing quickly can go awry and how the smallest changes in angle and arc yield frustrating slices and trips into the rough. Living out one’s faith in God presents the same sorts of challenges; small changes in the hidden recesses of one’s faith result in drastic turns in one’s path of discipleship. Thy Club and Thy Staff brings together the wisdom of faith and sport to strengthen both, whether the practitioner is a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

 When your game is at the top of its form and you are swinging straight and true, these devotionals provide wisdom, helping you seek God’s help in living your faith with the same kind of rhythm and timing and flow. When you enter rough patches, and both your swing and your faith feel erratic and off-kilter, the simple truths in these devotionals, gleaned from the word of God and the wisdom of golf will guide you along the path leading to renewed trust in God’s grace and to refreshed technique on the golf course.

Author: Meredith Kirk

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Golfers want to play better golf. That’s evident by the fact that billions of dollars are spent each year on golf clubs, golf balls, teaching aids, and lessons. All vital to the game, but what most golfers don’t realize is that it’s not these external factors that are holding them back from playing better golf, it’s their own bodies. This applies to all levels of golfers, no matter their age or gender.
Anatomical deficiencies in the form of tight muscles, weak muscles, and muscle imbalance detract from the golfer’s ability to swing an efficient golf club. This often results in poor swing mechanics, inconsistent ball contact, a loss of distance, and a deterioration of playing performance and satisfaction. These same deficiencies can also increase the potential for those nagging aches and pains so many golfers experience, limiting their playing time or even forcing them to give up the game entirely.

Functional Golf Fitness Training will introduce you to the physicality of the game of golf. It will highlight the common anatomical deficiencies that most golfers have, correlate those weaknesses to the golf swing and injury risk, and offer simple self-assessments to help you determine where you might be deficient. Additionally, Functional Golf Fitness Training offers over 40 corrective exercises and drills to help you better your body to better your game.

Playing better, healthier golf is a much desired goal, but requires an internal look at the mechanism that’s swinging the golf club. That’s you, the golfer. Functional Golf Fitness Training is your guide to reaching that goal.

Author: Bob Forman

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Stick to Sports: Let’s Play Golf is available to purchase through this website. Local stores in Savannah carrying the book include: E Shaver Booksellers, Titus Family Chiropractic & Sports Therapy, Speno Personal Fitness, The Westin Golf Club at Savannah Harbour, The Cinnamon Bear (River Street, City Market & Hilton Head), Wilmington Island Club, The Landings Club, Savannah Golf Club...  Other national distribution avenues and partners include Little Linksters, The Littlest Golfer, Booklegger, Amazon and more are being added as we grow!  Our book is now available on Kindle (Amazon) and for IPAD (iTunes)

Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf focuses on the fundamentals of golf such as putting, chipping, sand play and long game, as well as rules and manners, safety, terms, math development (scorecard addition) the game's history, equipment and attire and much, much more. After completing each exercise, the mentor can reward the child with a sticker or a point value (or both!).

Author Nicole Weller brings more than 15 years of sports psychology to her audience through instruction, passion, and unique presentation ability. The book has received rave reviews by coaches, instructors, parents and juniors alike!

Stick to Sports: Let’s Play Golf is printed on an environmentally responsible sheets that have a 10% Post Consumer Waste content. It is FSC certified and has SFI Chain of custody and SFI Fiber Sourcing certifications.  Books were created and produced in the United States of America.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to various junior golf and other youth organizations.


Author: Nicole Weller

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The Game of Golf and the Art of Business: Success On and Off the Course 

by Scott Seifferlein with Greg Smith

          Managing our golf game can teach us a lot about managing our business: how to choose our tools and commit to decisions, how to think our way around or out of hazards, and how to execute under pressure. In fact, our style of play reveals a lot about our personality, which also plays out in our work style in our day jobs.
          Scott Seifferlein believes that learning to win on the course can also help us to win off of it. He has captured keen insights from his roles as competitor, coach, and entrepreneur in his new book, The Game of Golf and the Art of Business: Secrets to Success On and Off the Course.
          The book is the lighthearted story of Scott coaching a client through a round at the famous Bethpage Black course in New York, where Scott has competed many times. His client is a middle-aged businessman who has enjoyed success in his career, but who has developed some bad habits on and off the course. Through the round, each hole is an opportunity for Scott and his client to reflect on the similarities between golf and work. The eighteen lessons include:

  • “To Score, Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome” 
  • “Alignment is Everything: Are You Pointed at the Target?” 
  • “Execute What You Can Do: Play the Percentages” 
  • “Don’t Be Intimidated by the Hazards” 
  • “Leave Your Mistakes Behind You” 
  • “Know the Course, Know Your Market” 
  • “Confidence: Standing Over a Putt is No Time for Doubt” 
  • “Over-Reliance on Equipment: You Can’t Buy a Solution to a Bad Swing” 
  • “Too Much Movement Makes Bad Shots: Minimize the Variables”
The Game of Golf and the Art of Business (200 pages, Black Lake Press), just released!

Author: Scott Seifferlein

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