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STAR PUTTER™, the putting tool


“Every golfer should have a Star Putter in their golf bag!”

Chuck Cook PGA – is ranked 6th on this year’s list of Golf Digest’s 50 greatest teachers. Chuck is based in Dallas at the National Golf Club.

Simply use the tool five minutes before play and make 3 to 5 more putts during your round.  Did you know that if you improve your putter alignment by just two degrees (that is your ability to aim) prior to playing, statistically, you will make more putts.
Guaranteed! It is that simple.
Practice with Star Putter,15-20 minutes, three days a week, like University of Houston’s golf team, you will lower your handicap after 10 rounds. Here’s one more Advantage – Cut your practice time in half but double your benefit!

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The "In Your Face" - viewbase

Clamp it to a golf cart, a plane’s tray table or anywhere else you go. The IN YOUR FACE Viewbase conveniently holds your iPhone, iPod touch, or Smartphone with or without a case.

The "In Your Face" - Viewbase for Smartphones.

Just $29.95 - BUY NOW!

No Sweat Golf - Spray

Just $8.99 per 3 oz bottle